Looks Like Rain!

By: Julia Saxton

May 01 2012

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This is Jen, she’s my sister and she was bored. So she became my model for an hour. Seems fair enough. I took this picture right before it started to rain. When I first walked outside I noticed the lighting was SICK. It was really dark, but at like 5 p.m. The sky looked like as if it was going to start storming any minute so I ran inside, grabbed Jen and gave her an umbrella.

However, when I picked up my camera, it didn’t really work….The lighting didn’t look as cool through my camera lens which was disappointing. So I decided to go a completely different route and edit the heck out of the picture on my computer. Ta-daaa….

And here’s another one of her, closer up. I am going to embarrass her so much. I hope 🙂